JACK shows courage to innovation and picks up more intelligent functions


On February 10-11, Spain hosted the traditional Congress of Minimally Invasive Surgery - 29th Edition of Innovation in Minimally Invasive Surgery. Prof. Salvador Morales Conde, Chief of the Unit of Innovation in Minimally Invasive Surgery, Upper GI and Bariatric Surgery at Universitario Virgen del Rocìo, and Head of the General, Digestive and Laparoscopic Surgery Unit at Quiròn salud Sagrado Corazòn Hospital in Sevilla, Spain and his team demonstrated an excellent use of our JACK Multichannel Superior Access Port.

Prof. Morales Conde comments: "I am convinced by the latest developments of this product line, the products show courage for innovation and pick up interesting and intelligent features that already at this stage of development offer some major advantages."

Indication: SLEEVE + Umbilical Hernia in SP 2.0 and 3D
Female Patient/56y-o/BMI 43