JACK on stage! Mille Grazie!


Prof. Luigi Boni, MD, FACS, Stefano Costa, MD, Fiorenzo Botti, MD, Matteo Prati, MD and Michele Ballabio, MD (Fondazione IRCCS Ca`Granda Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico, University of Milan) have used JACK as a primary access for laparoscopic proctectomy.

Prof. Luigi Boni, MD, FACS likes to point out: "The laparoscopic proctectomy was not originally planned for SIL intervention, but due to the outstanding features of JACK, such as the strong LED light or the smart tubing for smoke evacuation and the incredible flexibility of the whole JACK system we were able to perform this operation in SIL safely." JACK and AFSMEDICAL say thank you to the whole team around Luigi Boni for their trust and positive feedback. CHECK THE VIDEO