JACK in Bariatric!


We wish to thank Dr. Salvador Morales-Conde from Virgen del Rocío University Hospital in Sevilla, Spain, and his team for the exemplary use of our JACK Multichannel Superior Access Port! Dr. Morales-Conde comments: "Working in the concept of Reduced Port Surgery 2.0 brings modern surgery another step further. Take this example of one of my patients; SLEEVE gastrectomy, female patient, BMI of 41, JACK + 2 x 5 mm trocars. JACK is a significant improvement to multi-channel port technology and adopting its use is seamless, safe, and offers benefits to both the patient and the surgeon! JACK is a smart product that brings the innovation we have been looking for.” Dr. Isaìas Alacròn adds: "With our technique for Reduced Port Surgery we avoid the incisions of an additional 12 mm and 10 mm trocar as well the use of a retrieval bag, as the JACK has a multifunctional wound-protective film. The flexibility of JACK raises surgery to another level! It is a very smart product!”