AFS MEDICAL Partner for doctors

AFS MEDICAL – Your partner for modern surgery, urology and gynecology

AFS MEDICAL has been operating in the Austrian market for almost 40 years: whether in general surgery, urology or gynecology – we take a certain pride in claiming that the AFS MEDICAL team has made a name for itself in the domestic market. AFS MEDICAL has firmly established itself as a dynamic SME company – between major global players and small-scale competitors – while primarily impressing by the fact that the relationship with our customers does not end following the successful conclusion of a business.

On the contrary, as far as we are concerned "let's give a little bit more" – AFS MEDICAL perceives itself as a platform for the intensive exchange of information not only amongst physicians of a variety of disciplines but also with the industry, in order to further develop both products and operation techniques, realise improvements (where required) and promote the scientific research on current themes.

 As your partner, AFS MEDICAL

  • has a committed sales team with in-depth technical knowledge – our employees are competent contact partners for you in all product-relevant issues.
  • values the cooperation with experts from a wide range of medical disciplines.
  • searches internationally for innovations for the domestic operating theatres on the basis of in-depth knowledge of the medical working environment and the specific requirements.
  • perceives itself as a partner of product users and developers.
  • lives open communication – suggestions from medical practice and feedback on products are taken seriously and are an important input for the manufacturers.
  • promotes – via the AFS ACADEMY – the transfer of know-how between doctors, scientific research and enables the exchange with the industry. 
  • has always attached importance to personal training and accompanying operations – following purchase, our consultants are available for questions at any time.
  • acts in a fast and flexible way when required by the framework conditions.