Hernia surgery

Hernia surgery

Hernia surgery is an important segment of visceral surgery: approx. 25,000 operations a year are carried out in Austria. In this field, AFS MEDICAL clearly focuses on minimal invasive and atraumatic mesh fixation while cooperating closely with Austria's leading surgeons in relation to the further development of techniques and products – in accordance with the latest guidelines of the European Hernia Society. Below you will find details on selected operation techniques, in which AFS MEDICAL products are used.

OP techniques in hernia surgery

Minimal invasive / Reduced port / SIL

1) Ventral hernias with mesh implant

  • Onlay
  • Sublay
  • Inlay
  • IPOM
  • Components separation after Ramirez

2) Inguinal hernias with mesh implant

  • TAPP (transabdominal preperitoneal mesh implantation)
  • TEP (total extraperitoneal technique)
  • Bilateral hernia

Open surgery

1) Inguinal hernias with mesh implants

  • Operation after Lichtenstein

2 ) Hiatus hernias with mesh implant

3 ) Umbilical hernias with mesh implant