The STARPORT™ is a flexible multifunctional multi-purpose port for the application of
SIL and Hybrid SIL techniques in a wide range of surgical specialties, such as visceral surgery
visceral surgery, gynaecology, or urology.

The port system is a modular system that meets a wide range of surgical needs:
- suitable for incisions from 10 to 50 mm
- with 3 or 4 accesses - freely selectable
- 12 mm universal valves allow the use of 5 to 12 mm instruments with absolute gas tightness
- absolute freedom of movement due to soft silicone shafts
- the individual working trocars can be individually set up for use with the different instruments

Surgical Techniques
Colorectal surgeryGeneral/Visceral surgeryHernia surgeryTAPP - MinimalinvasivVisceral surgery


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