JACK for SIL 2.0

JACK for SIL 2.0


Prof. Salvador Morales Conde, Chief of the Unit of Innovation in Minimally Invasive Surgery, Upper GI and Bariatric Surgery at Universitario Virgen del Rocìo in Sevilla, and Head of the General, Digestive and Laparoscopic Surgery Unit at Quiròn salud Sagrado Corazòn Hospital in Sevilla, Spain gives us another insight into his daily routine with our JACK Multichannel Superior Access Port.

Indication: SLEEVE Gastrectomy
Female patient | 65y/o | BMI 40

Prof. Morales comments: “The use of multichannel port systems allow us to reduce the postoperative trauma as well as the risk of postoperative infection. I`m happy to see the further progress of the industry according to the development of such a unique devices for minimally invasive surgery.”  

Take a look at the impressive product:  JACK - Multichannel Superior Access Port