New distribution of responsibilities at AFS MEDICAL


Being one of the leading companies in the medical industry in Austria, AFS MEDICAL GmbH has been supplying Austrian hospitals with high-quality medical products for decades.
Now some changes will take place in the top management of the company: The successful management duo of Fritz Schweinberger and Jan Holubec has decided to place further emphasis on marketing activities and to redistribute their competencies.
After 18 years as General Manager, Fritz Schweinberger will step down from this position and will serve as Marketing Director in the future. Jan Holubec will be the sole Managing Director of AFS MEDICAL as of April 1, 2023.
The new distribution of responsibilities ensures greater efficiency and faster decision-making processes. With a strong and experienced team in management, sales, and marketing, we are well-prepared for the coming years and can continue our path to success even more consistently.