APOLLO Smart Retractor for Open Access

APOLLO Smart Retractor for Open Access

is an easy-to-use medical device for laparotomy and can be used in general surgery, urology, gynecology, and thoracic surgery. It includes essential safety features and unique advantages. APOLLO enables targeted illumination of the entire cavity and furthermore, it offers effective surgical smoke evacuation.

Product features

Ambient lights: provide strong and wide illumination of the operation field

Smoke Evacuation: ensures safe and efficient surgical smoke evacuation | offers a clear view of the operating field | protects healthcare staff from noxious particles in the operating room

Adjustable Height: the Wound Protection Film can be adjusted to the abdominal wall thickness

You can operate all AFS MEDICAL products with our rechargeable external battery called BIOCUBE.
BIOCUBE is connected to the Controller Unit with a 3.5-meter single-use wire.


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