YelloPort® Elite and YelloPort+plus® 5mm

YelloPort® Elite and YelloPort+plus® 5mm

YelloPort, manufactured by Surgical Innovations is a re-sterilisable trocar system, combining single use and reuse components for perfect cost-effectivness.

YelloPort Elite® is a next generation Resposable® port access system for use in Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS). Designed as a high quality cost effective solution to surgeon and hospital needs. The YelloPort Elite® maintains UK manufactured quality, with single use and reusable components. The single-use Universal Seal allows seamless instrument access from 5mm to 12mm instruments throughout the procedure.

YelloPort+plus® is a Resposable® high quality, cost-effective laparoscopic port access system designed for use in Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS). Resposable® delivers a system that has all the cost benefits of a reusable system with the clinical effectiveness of a disposable product. The YelloPort+plus® 5mm instruments  include a selection of cannula and trocar options.

Surgical Techniques
Colorectal surgeryVisceral surgery


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